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LLT Education Services - an institute which has been there since early 2009, has been providing quality education to students and helping them attain academic excellence. Having taught more than 1400 students from various schools, LLT has established itself as a leading tuition centre in the region. We take pride in our experienced and dedicated team of teachers who understand that every student has unique learning needs. 

LLT aims to unleash every student's potential and facilitate the establishment of a strong foundation for their future endeavours by tailoring our teaching methods based on individual learning styles and paces. Our objective is to foster academic success via personalized education.

Great Content and the BEST video lectures

Our expertly crafted video lectures and content guarantee top-notch learning experiences for students. We meticulously design course material, paying close attention to even the smallest details. Our carefully created video lectures effectively deliver information, promoting student understanding.

Our courses consist of written explanations, practice questions, and evaluations to measure student comprehension. Practice questions feature multiple choice (theory and application) as well as subjective prompts requiring descriptive responses. In addition, we regularly update our course material to ensure that it is always up-to-date with the latest developments

Physics, Class 12

This is the complete class 12 physics course for CBSE students

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Maths, Class 12

This is the complete class 12 mathematics course for CBSE students

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Science, Class 10

Science for class 10 includes all the three subject: Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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